Dear Daddy This Christmas Mug

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I don’t get the comments about gun laws. Dear Daddy This Christmas Mug. If someone proves these were legally bought then yes, clearly more laws are needed.

Dear Daddy This Christmas Mug

Dear Daddy This Christmas Mug- light blue
Mug- light blue
Dear Daddy This Christmas Mug- gold
Mug- gold
Dear Daddy This Christmas Mug- classic pink
Mug- classic pink

But you can’t buy a gun in NJ essentially is my understanding, meaning these guns are illegal in nature thus laws won’t actually remove them or others like them. The US needs to figure out why they have a problem with their citizens killing each other, not how. Like in Canada we have 1 gun for every 4 in the US, but we don’t have 1 shooting for every 4 in the US, we hardly have any by comparison. This specific incident sounds like it’s going to turn out to be some sort of crime gone wrong. Why barricade yourself in a store if you just want to shoot people? Mobile gunman do more damage than stationary ones, that’s been proven in places like Paris. Dear Daddy This Christmas Mug. My guess is the plan fell apart and taking hostages is kind of the go to move in these situations. Not terrorism, so it’s ok. Americans are allowed to kill Americans but if it was someone from another culture it would be on continuous loop in the news. As it is, it will be forgotten withing 6 hours. OK, you BBC folks commenting about this from other countries, you need to check yourself and bone up on your firearms knowledge because you’re looking really ignorant for the most part. They don’t know yet if he or they were Muslim or not to call it a terrorist. I think who ever do such think like this should call it a terrorist coz it’s terrorizing people you know. If such atrocities were happening somewhere like Iran or Venezuela some President of the ‘safest’ country on earth would be breathing fire and brimstone… inciting the locals to revolt for a regime change.

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