Death So viele idioten und nur eine sense shirt



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Terri HalversonAnd I was one if them and truly appreciate it. Thank you sir and giving us a great man Biden to come in and fix things back after the orange haired buffoon. Miss you much!42 . Kaye CodringtonI am forever grateful to you and President Biden and all others who supported and passed the ACA. I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and would not be alive today without it. I am covered by Medicare now and am being treated and hope for a remi… See More91 . Nabin Bistso great Joe Biden & Barack Obama is great leader of world. All we have to learn from their what is tolerance .39 . Suzana Mantovani CerqueiraWhat an amazing thing ! Good people of USA deserve it. Public Health is a right !46 . Shamsudeen AbdulrahimIt is great actions and you both have done justice to humanity27 . Namutunzi WinnieIn Uganda we are dieing,no health facilities,roads, education everything is upside down but the dictator wants to swear himself in.Too much tears in Uganda .The junta is finishing us19  Death So viele idioten und nur eine sense shirt

Death So viele idioten und nur eine sense shirt

Cheryl EnglishOk. Now what about Black people? We’ve been waiting 400+ years and as usual, every race is being protected except US! When I see something pass for us, that changes our lives then and only then can I accept the rest! WE WILL NOT BE IGNORED!8 . Stanley MkhizePresident Joe Biden was a perfect candidate to take over the baton from you. He now has to build from the ravages of the destruction caused by the four wasted years under Trump. He is doing a great job15 . Vicki FinkIt’s time to remove health care from the chains of employment. We need/want/require a better system for all our citizens! 53 . Hussein Hillary OwinoBarack Obama is enjoying his third term as the President of United States of America outside the Whitehouse . He’s ensuring that all his stalled projects under Trump administration are accomplished.Americans are in safe hands .12 . Cody DeoAh so instead of a million jobs that pay into the system. We have a million people to pay for? We hold a high unemployment percentage and continue to give handouts for those who don’t go to work. Seems right. I’ll take my money back on this communism t… See More14  Death So viele idioten und nur eine sense shirt

Death So viele idioten und nur eine sense shirt

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