Decadron Be Like Fire Cat shirt and v-neck

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Sean Pendergrast The man, has done so much for our nation. And I don’t care what some stupid CNN report says, when they bad mouth him, daily. Get a grip, I am a supporter of him, and nothing you folks could say, could ever make me change my mind. See I pray for the man. II Timothy 2:1-3 King James, tells us to pray for our leaders. Its not a suggestion from God, its a mandate. Decadron Be Like Fire Cat. So you do what you want, but you haters, will be judged by God himself, for causing division.  Eric DeCinti You can deny Him, you can mock Him, but I don’t recommend that, because you will reap what you sow. I do recommend you repent. Because.You will stand before God. We all will.

Decadron Be Like Fire Cat shirt and v-neck

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I know there is a God. Folks like you give me righteous indignation, because you have not walked in my shoes. You don’t know my life, and what God has done for me. So, I don’t need any sarcastic, rude, comments like yours. And I will defend that, in the sight of God and the world. Nobody knows, what He has done for me, and you just show your ignorance, when you deny Him. Suzi Diaz what story why should they cover the death of a horrible man that raped thousands of young girls. Suzi Diaz that. Man was murder he had to much information on trump an so many people they had toget rid of him. Suzi Diaz they were too involved with him, they know if there is a investigation they will be found to be in involved. Diana Peery he was Clintonsided get your fricken facts straight. In fact, the Clintons have been credited for about 76 suicides. Get head out of arse. Diana Peery you are retarded if you believe Epstein had anything on trump . If he did he would not be dead , he’d be on cnn. Decadron Be Like Fire Cat. Matt Spears Yet you swallow everything Donald feeds to you, like adorable piggies at a feeding trough. It sure must taste good. Pamela Kunnath where you been at it was a picture with him an trump feeling on a little girl you dont want to believe it honey it true trump’s is a creep also remember his wife is a whore where have you been inthe last 3 yrs.

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