Deer Hunting crocband clog

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Where s the album ffs?. where is the album bien. How about your new album RiRi?. I AM READY FOR YOUR NEW ALBUM !!. Where’s the album?. Would love a new album!!!. Lady the only one with a hollow head is you who we all know loves to be slapped around by “her man”.your pathetic.. Remember when she use to do music?. where the album sis ??. Wheres a New album ?. whats it with celebrities using Islam. First the rappers say MashaAllah/ Alhamdulillah. Then we had Kanye using the name of Angels for shoes and now this. And using the Quran verses in a lingerie show is completely disrespectful. Its the same as putt… . If its not about the new music, we don’t care. Deer Hunting crocband clog Play GIF GIPHY. Album damn you, album please… music . Vegaz LV I feel like going to court for an album. Watch out Rihanna!!!!!!!!. I was huge fan of Rihanna but really disappointed after she used Islamic hadith in her lyrics… not gonna listen to her anymore

Deer Hunting crocband clog

Deer Hunting crocband clog 1
Deer Hunting crocband clog 1

Rihanna thanks for being the voice of voiceless. You are truely a concerned citizen. My favorite artist Rihanna. Grand Jury made the decisionnot the AG. Literally a court completely unconnected to the AG made this decision.. Maybe she shouldn’t have messed with the drug life. This is called the American version of Justice for people of color!. Geymi Fallas Deer Hunting crocband clog Yes #Riri we will fight for justice until the end. Absolutely. Keep pushing an idea you dont believe in just cause you’re told so. How is that justice. He took a life. What is the world coming to.. All I have to say is.. there’s a reason Daniel Cameron is Attorney General, and Rihanna is an entertainer.. Every officer involved in her murder should have been charged with murder. Period. I’m at a loss for words.. I’m very sure he knows more about what happens in his state than some celebrity. Sorry, but you’re off base here. Know the facts before playing the race card.

AMAZING Deer Hunting crocband clog

Stuff like this is an easy way to get the keyboard warriors to come out of hiding and show their true colors.. NEVER use your emotions it’ll always get you in trouble. It’s a sad thing but there is no case. And he’s a great AG!. Maybe if her bf didnt fire at officers first, she would still be alive..ponder that 2 sheriffs was shot over nothing in Los Angelas. One female, one male.. In their narrow minds life is a white privilege”. Because they had a legal warrant and were shot at. It’s not about race!. Officers were shot at by her bf while serving a warrant. If he had any consideration for her, he wouldn’t have fired a shot. Had she lived, she would have been complicit. Let that sink in.. He spoke at trumps convention. He sold out his own people and the life of a inocent women

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