Deftones King Of Bands shirt, longsleeve tee

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Yeah when they tithe it goes into the churches account; and the pastor has say on where it goes. Deftones King Of Bands. There for yea, be thankful to the pastor for doing what God would want.

Deftones King Of Bands

Deftones King Of Bands sweatshirt
Deftones King Of Bands longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
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Took the words right out of my mouth. The community paid off medical bills in the community. All fixed. And if the church has that much to do that just imagine what else they have. Tax free spending money thanks to the community that paid the taxes on it. Natalie Frodin from the money they save by not paying taxes. (Tax exemption) i wonder what all the other churches are doing with that money. I’m sorry girl… Deftones King Of Bands. I presumed that you can handle a criticism when you yourself were criticizing thru your “question of conversation”. Next time, add a tag “I’m a critic but I can’t handle criticism” at least we can carefully use our words so not to hurt your feeling. As soon as the tithe hit the plate it belongs to the church and the leadership team decides where it goes from there. I think the pastor deserves more credit. My pastor pays taxes on his income, as do everyone else who works for my church. The church itself does not pay taxes. They wouldn’t exist if they had to. Oh wait…..that’s the idea with you secular progressives. It’s because people give to honor God. We wouldn’t have breath or strength to work and earn money if God didn’t give it to us. This is why we give glory to God. He loved us first so that we may love others through Him.

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