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New Castle County is majority suburban style development. Northern New Castle County is almost completely developed, whereas South of the C+D Canal, development is ongoing, so there is still open land. Over 50% of the population lives in this county. Delaware For Trump Flag. Northern New Castle County contains a small swath of I-95, the only interstate in the state. It also contains the states largest city, Wilmington, which has about 71,000 people. Kent County is made up of a bunch of small towns interspersed with farmland. It is the least populated area of the state. The biggest town is the capital, Dover, which has about 35,000 people.

Delaware For Trump Flag

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Sussex County is also a bunch of small towns and farmland, with the exception of the beaches, which in recent years have experienced rapid growth. My opinion is that Delaware is an unremarkable state. It’s a bunch of subdivisions and shopping centers, much like many other areas of the country. Traffic isn’t too bad (except weekends in the summer) and it has a much slower and quieter pace than the major metropolitan areas that are nearby. Before I moved here, Delaware was a pit stop to visit family before driving through to somewhere else. Delaware For Trump Flag. As they say in the real estate business, it’s all about location – and that, in my opinion, is the biggest thing Delaware has going for it. Delaware is situated in a central area along the I-95 corridor that is within commuting distance to DC/Baltimore, Philly, and NYC. You can also drive about 3–4 hours west and be in Shenandoah. You can drive 5–6 hours north and be in New England. It truly is a great location for day trips and weekend trips, as it is so close to so much of the Northeast.

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