Denver broncos face mask

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Part of the problem is mixed messaging from trump. Denver broncos face mask. There are actually people who believe him.

Denver broncos face mask

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face mask – pic 1

You can’t be forced to do anything but you can be denied. Freedom is not all inclusive- it’s provided and allowed but has consequences for your actions. Yes yes yes, our gop friends are protecting “our constitutional right to infect others”. This is because their “great constitutionalist” prez is the perfect example of our right to infringe on others. GOP, everyone in the world is laughing at the U S thinking we are the dumbest country when they see what you do. Denver broncos face mask. So why did the reporter who asked pence a question about the large gatherings let him off the hook that easily it is explicitly implied in the first amendment that a person right ends with another person begin because you want to subject yourself to a potentially harmful environment you don’t have the right to come back out and took a public community and subject me to your possible illness or even the worst!! Too little too late-masks and social distancing rules should have been enforced from the start. But Florida should have waited to reopen-they weren’t close to flattening the curve when they reopened. DeSantis was so busy sucking up to Trump and taking shots at New York-now the roles are reversed and he’s completely loss control of this thing.. Didn’t realize how backwards people in this state were until we got stationed here. Ugh!!! So much pride and stupidity!! Were you this concerned when people were protesting in the streets.

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