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Very poor use of words on this headline. Depeche mode fuck corona. Very poor words towards those working in the medical field trying to save lives every single day.

Depeche mode fuck corona

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Whenever Trump supporters hear something negative, they remind you that the American education system is not the best. Depeche mode fuck corona. The level of reasoning… They will blame their opposition for everything and listen to no negative sentiments about their guy. I would say bad allocation of resources. If Queens area hospitals are crowded, they should move patients for different hospitals, so they could provide better care. A ventilator is a machine that need to be well calibrated, and 10 patients for technicians are recipe for disaster. I don’t know if is 10, just giving a number for explaining there should be less patients for caregivers. Another thing is the absence of a pharmaceutical protocol. Are they using what in NY? Hidroxicloroquina? Redemsivir? If the patient goes to severe symptoms, is intubated right away, do they try immunosuppressive drugs. So all that should be loooked into. My 2 cents. I fully blame it on state and city officials for the such destruction, instead of taking progressive approach they’re just reacting to the situation and keep blaming on government for their failure. Seoul South Korea has much higher Density of population but city and state officials used strong stance to almost eliminate the problems , initially people were against their strong restrictions and regulations now they fully understand why it had to done such way … Here people are screaming for their constitutional rights , and against governments forcible actions but I won’t trade with my life though.

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