Detroit Lions filter face mask

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Donald Trump came in with no experience and has learned nothing. Detroit Lions filter face mask. Jo Biden came in with plenty of experience and learned and taught a lot in his 8 years beside Barrack Obama. I don’t think it’s a hard decision to know who we need to cleanup this mess Trump has created. I’m voting for Joe Biden and he can’t get here fast enough. Trump has failed at every business venture that he’s ever had and bankrupt every one of them even a casino where the house always wins…the king of bankruptcy do you really expect anything less as he pretends to be the leader of our country.

Detroit Lions filter face mask

Detroit Lions filter face mask - Detail
Detroit Lions filter face mask – Detail

He is not hearing the experts! He is going to go blindly into reopening to “business as usual” and doesn’t even care that it will cost more lives? If that doesn’t sober you up, nothing will! Nobody is safe! We are all on our own in this one, folks. Trump is completely blinded by his obsessive dream of bringing the economy back so he can win re-election. Detroit Lions filter face mask. He’s scared that while he thought his goal was nearly in his grasp, it’s slipping away on all that blood he’s leaving in his wake. If he weren’t so dangerous, we should have pity on him. He’s been insane for a long time now and needs the special care a strait jacket and padded cell would provide him. Let the country not sustain his pain by giving the Electoral College another chance to parade his madness before the world.

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