Detroit Pistons NBA face mask

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Probably one of the most poignant 30+ moments aired. Detroit Pistons NBA face mask. Thank you for giving him the time. And, recognizing that the thousands who have been killed over the years, are more than names; they are America’s children. No other networks embrace these tragic victims because it doesn’t fit their narrative. I pray the left will let go of their willful ignorance and indoctrination of their viewers/readers.

Detroit Pistons NBA face mask

Detroit Pistons NBA face mask - detail
face mask – detail

So sad! Had me crying. Thank you Sean Hannity for sharing his story. That mayor has ice in her veins not to reach out to this grieving father. And, not to allow Police and EMT’S to get in ChOp or whatever it is to give him help and to the hospital immediately! Maybe he would be alive today! Detroit Pistons NBA face mask. These Democrat run cities are a disgrace!! Please everyone send out prayers to this family. That was the most powerful message to America I ever heard in my life. I am a father with two sons and it is unimaginable for a father to lose a son, and how many fathers have lost a son because of all this pure nonsense. May God grant that family peace, and may God give us all new hearts to heal this nation. Incredible Heart wrenching Interview by Sean Hannity , Getting the reality of what’s happening out of all this Chaos an mayhem in our streets an the young innocent VICTIMS who paid the ultimate price.

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