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Now it’s apparent all around the world how treating health care as a private business is a big mistake. We were trending there in Italy too, and we were starting to see the outcome. But there is still a lot of excellent public health care, and I’ve experienced the good of it under covid suspect. In an handful of hours at ER I received a bunch of tests and a therapy. Detroit tiger filter face mask. As imperfect as it might be I feel extremely lucky, and I can’t imagine feeling sick with lack of breath and have nowhere to go for help

Detroit tiger filter face mask

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We’re also the only country that thought it was cool to hijack shipments of medical supplies meant for France and Germany, and then just sit on it, like some kind of fucked dragon. Stop calling nurses and doctors “front line heros”. They’re corporate sacrifices that the media/political parties are grooming us into accepting by referring to them as heros. Detroit tiger filter face mask. Because people don’t forking vote. We need a national holiday for voting to encourage in-person voting or mail in voting. With the GOP working so hard to suppress voting by those who are not their constituency, this will happen again. Assuming, that is, that there will still be elections. Singapore mobilized their entire army to make and distribute masks to the public as well as ensure quarantines were being followed. We spend all this money and let Americans die to preventable illnesses as a “first world country”. Its obscene.

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