Diabetes awareness face mask

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Covid didnt take our freedoms from us, you and your shambolic government did.. The W.H.O has strongly advised against any form of vaccination passport. Considering you value them enough to chuck billions to them and their associated partners, can we assume you will be following their guidance in regard to this matter?. Well done Boris. Cornwall was in a terrible state after Labour spent billions on wars and bankrupt the nation on the way out. It’s been a long haul since with many challenges but Cornwall is now back on the map and prospering along with the rest of the nation under the safe hands of a Conservative government.. We have the best prime minister who has secured numerous world deals the best chancellor this country has ever had . And the best Home Secretary …. we should be proud !. Honourable Boris johnson warm welcome to india especially Dhanush Kodi lord ramar place very very powerful vibration After visit lot of good things your nation& your family members also thankyou TN RAJU Diabetes awareness face mask

Diabetes awareness face mask

Boris, you need to sort this out. The treatment of the Ulster British Unionist People is despicable. Scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol and end the two-tier policing & justice system. The Protestant Unionist Loyalist people have had enough and unless something is done, I fear the situation will only get worse ! The Good Friday agreement is dead. Time for Stormont to close its doors and stop the terrorists in government getting their way.. “I am deeply concerned by the scenes of violence in Northern Ireland that I caused”. I think water cannon may be more effective. It could save lives.. I am Ulster born and bred and these actions do not represent me in any way. However, the way Northern Ireland has been treated over Brexit is appalling, added to that SF/IRA can attend republican funerals, breaking covid restrictions and no one has been charged. I believe the Protestant people have had enough. Diabetes awareness face mask

Diabetes awareness face mask

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