Dinosaurs Low Top

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Because of the profits from drug sales, every criminal in the United States can afford a gun now. Why don’t you go after the drugs? You allow that to continue. You create the gun problem and then say it’s a problem. Dinosaurs Low Top. Why don’t you start in the big cities first and see how well that works. You know, like Chicago, Philly.

Dinosaurs Low Top

Dinosaurs Low Top - Pic 1
Low Top – Pic 1
Dinosaurs Low Top - Pic 2
Low Top – Pic 2
Dinosaurs Low Top - Pic 3
Low Top – Pic 3

It’s time to stop doing rallies, unfortunately, both for Joe and Bernie. Joe just won places where he didn’t even campaign on Super Tuesday, so a TV/social media campaign might be just as effective. Biden and Bernie should stay alive, so they can promote their agendas. It is time to amend the Constitution. Dinosaurs Low Top. The Second Amendment was written for a specific purpose and for a specific time. It has no bearing today. The NRA, gun manufacturers and Trump’s illiterates hide behind it. Than why is gun violence higher in cities with the most restrictive gun laws and run by democrats?

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