Dog akita samurai shirt and sweatshirt

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100,000 deaths thanks to Andrew Cuomo in New York and other democratic leaders like Pritzker in Chicago, Pelosi in San Francisco, etc… Dog akita samurai. WTG Biden, finally just some common sense.

Dog akita samurai shirt

Dog akita samurai sweatshirt
Dog akita samurai longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
Dog akita samurai hoodie

Great leadership. Just like a seat belt, it keeps us all safe and protect one another. All in this together, no one is above it. Would you like to go to a graveyard? Would you like to go to a meat processing plant? Would you like to try to support your family after being laid off? Are you going to risk getting swine flu because the meat plants have been deregulated? Do you wear a mask in public and encourage others to? Do you encourage others to liberate during stay at home orders? Dog akita samurai. Do you comprehend how this disease is spread? When the Navajo Nation asked for help he sent them body bags. I could go on and on but if you have to ask I am probably responding to deaf ears. Pay attention. Even people who do not have symptoms can carry the virus. It gets expelled when you cough sneeze or even breathe. It lives in inside air for hours and outside for several minutes. If everyone wore a mask the virus would have little spread. Why do you think Dr and nurses wear masks? It’s not because they are sick. Learn epidemiology. Do not take scientific or medical advice from a man who looked directly into the solar eclipse and suggested injecting yourself with bleach. What does he know other then misguiding people about medicine that doesn’t even work for COVID .

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