Dogs 2020 because humans suck face mask

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Cheryl Sheppard our Governor is a Democrap pushing mail in votes. Dogs 2020 because humans suck face mask. If you don’t like my comments.

Dogs 2020 because humans suck face mask

Dogs 2020 because humans suck face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

The Silent Majority group on Facebook keeps being deleted. We support you President Trump but we are continuously being silenced. The Mainstream lame media is going off their rockers tonight , the democrats got exposed and they just can’t stand it.. Democrat want a purge anarchy .and they dont care if theirs a people dying .They worshipping hardcore criminals and destroy the life of innocent people without concience . Dogs 2020 because humans suck face mask. That makes zero sense. Are you even a real person. What a load of nonsense and rhetoric that an entire party wants to destroy the country. they have proven they want to destroy the country time and time again by not denouncing the rioters in liberal run cities and allowing their chaos and anarchy to run unchecked. Americans are peaceful and some people came from far away places. Criminals in our land are those who left the American Dream. Some regret it and change, but others want to take our land from us. Taxpayers pay for everything anyway! With the enormous debt, the can just keeps getting kicked further down the road! Right now we get to pay for peachy’s two favorite pastimes, golfing and lawsuits! I really think it may come down to it, we may all may have to fight vocally or physically to defend this president & the elction results. Our morals, traditions, history, values, freedom & religions may depend upon it. Quote Dan Bogino “This fight is coming to your doorsteps, whether you want it to or not”.

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