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And none of our government is saying since it the people’s money we want 100% full detail of who. Donald Trump fuck corona. And why they are getting this money..

Donald Trump fuck corona

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Its public money, so by law it got to be public document… Donald Trump fuck corona. Stop giving our money to these secret oil ghost … Animals in captivity cannot just go cold turkey into the wild…they will become the prey even from their own kind sadly. Exactly, and there are many animals that couldn’t live in their natural habitat, they were rescued and that’s why they ended in a zoo. I already mention its not realistic. i know Keiko die in few month after let him go in the wild, capitalized wild animals are so hard to go back to the nature, they LOST many ability order to survive in the wild I KNOW but still they suffered coz of humans fun and we cant take care of them so ok lets kill them. what the F. take responsibility be for a life you have! thats i am saying. Let’s say an animal can be rehabilitated and taught to hunt in the wild. That’s like saying “You can train a 100 pound man to fight.” Well, yeah, of course. But how will he stand up against a 240 lbs mixed martial artist with weapons training and experience in the middle east as a Navy SEAL? That 100 pound man is your rehabilitated animal. That Navy SEAL is literally every other animal. Mariellen Green – Vincent no. man in the UK had it as a pet and after 7 years releases back into the wild. I’m all for a good discussion but when you start to belittle people because they disagree with you is uncalled for . have a great night stay safe.

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