Donald trump nope face mask

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Guess you didn’t want to hear that trump is responsible. Pretty fancy shimmering ad you put up! Donald trump nope face mask. Are you a Russia troll, bot! ? Is this the start of the Russia campaign against Biden!? To give you some feedback, the shimmering was starting to give me a headache and a bad impression about your message. Start with a static image , and something more creative than No Joe. Well I applaud your effort , because I see you’ve taken time and spent money with it, you can do better ! It’s entertaining though. Thank you for trying

Donald trump nope face mask

Donald trump nope face mask - detail
face mask – detail

This is like saying ” since trump didn’t stop people from having sex folks got aids “. Donald trump nope face mask. You can’t stop a virus or any sickness for that matter anymore than you can stop smokers from getting cancer! It’s gonna happen. The fact that people want to blame the neglect of human beings on one person is absolutely insane, not to mention a view behind the curtain of folks who are contempt with the idea of complete control. Why are so many trumpers on here? No one cares about those comments. You are not changing anyones mind about joe. He will be our next president whether you like it or not. Go and hop on a Republican page. We should be thankful Trump stopped flights from China when he did. Regardless of the Democrats screaming that he is racist for doing so. Rather shameful of you to make it political but that’s how liberal are.

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