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Yet our ignorance keeps getting tolerable yet I cannot understand the lives of my fellow citizens being rendered meaningless for no reason. Donkey nice arse poster. Her mother was a medical professional that only traveled between home and work, what actions by any Governor could have prevent her illness?

Donkey nice arse poster

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Unfortunately, mask mandates aren’t effective if they’re nor enforced. Virginia has had a mandate since late May and they’re not doing anything to enforce it. Stores have signs up that masks are required but people still come and go without them. mandates aren’t effective because people aren’t following. It worked in all the countries that have opened. People aren’t following because there aren’t any consequences for them. Donkey nice arse poster. If they had to pay a fine (as is the case for not wearing a seat belt) they might think twice. Instead, the only consequences are being suffered by the victims of these selfish jerks. so they have had no cases? What is the acceptable level of infection and death for it to have worked? The governor opened up too soon. Was opening up as cases of infection were increasing. He let trumps rush to open the economy influence his decision and then there was the Lt Gov. going on fox and being critical saying he was willing to let grandma die to save the economy. Lawyers are going to make a bundle from the aftermath of COVID-19 and the way some Governors handled it in their state! If you are relying on the government to tell you how to live, you’re in trouble. If she thought that masks were a good idea, then she shouldn’t have to be told to wear one and she could do it herself.

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