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I’m from south Africa I look at Trump when he speak and I wonder to myself. Donkey Company Bath Soap Poster. What do the people of see in him that gives them hope his a small child trape in a grown person body.

Donkey Company Bath Soap Poster

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Poster – A3
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Poster – A2
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Poster – A1

We have disappointing educational, journalistic, and electoral mechanisms. Donkey Company Bath Soap Poster. We have also advanced the arts of psychographic microtargeting and cognitive dissonance to new heights. Most of us are very disgusted with everything, but cannot for the most part, accept personal blame or choose a course of action on a large enough scale to affect change. América should learn from what’s happening in Italia…. stay home people and stay safe…the government should also focus much more on measures to try and contain this … the military should be considered to enforce the quarantine….the media should also play a part by providing the right information at the right time and not spreading propoganda about who lied about what…even if he/she lied focus should be on how to contain the virus…. trying to spark fear and outrage helps no one…media should help the country pull together. Spread the messages of hope by giving donations to the medics and help them to spread the message of staying home so that the virus is contained…now more than ever we all need to pull together. … Spanish flu was contained by everyone cooperating and lending a helping hand. Let’s do our part…help where you can. We will get through this together… Hey this is a great way for the government to start tracking everybodys spending, have records to everybody at all times and what they’re doing what a good idea to be inside of our daily lives like never before. Don’t worry guys it’s for our own good.

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