Don’t care bear weed face mask

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It is crazy.. how the President can control so much power, leaving Congress and the Courts little more than a paper and pen to defend us, when a “president” becomes tyrannical. Don’t care bear weed face mask. It actually has everything to do with congress refusing to pass laws, and our politicizing of the courts.

Don’t care bear weed face mask

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It throws the balance of powers out of wack. Do nothing grand standing Congress is the biggest issue in america. He had a Republican house and senate for the first 2 years of his presidency and he still got nothing done except another tax cut for the wealthy and a drunk pervert on the Supreme courtIf Hillary Clinton what a won the presidency instead of the Russians winning it for Donald Trump. Don’t care bear weed face mask. We never would have had over a hundred forty thousand dead Americans to coronavirus thanks to Donald Trump we would be out of this pandemic by now if Hillary would have been president and we wouldn’t be fighting with China on a trade War. Donald Trump has been committing genocide Across America by refusing to do anything to stop coronavirus he has been nothing but a homegrown terrorist letting coronavirus spread and kill over a hundred forty thousand Americans he has a terrorist group of one. Donald Trump should be charged with mass murderer of every American that has died from coronavirus. what’s it like being a brainless Trump supporter on his knees worshiping Donald Trump and swallowing his jib. Warren putting her face out there again I see. Hopefully this is not a sign that she’s going to be the VP pick.

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