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Yeah right blame commie for everything. Everyone has right to celebrate but extremism is never supported by any nation. Dog Too Cool For This Planet. Rohingya and Uighurs, all demanded of separate nation and hence met same fate.

Dog Too Cool For This Planet

Dog Too Cool For This Planet v-neck
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No matter how much extremist Muslims keep popping, China can always keep up due to it’s rich economy. Even deterrents like re-education camps as I mentioned, marrying Han men and Uighur women. A great step! China will eventually take Hong-Kong with words or force and create a puppet state and soon in Taiwan. They will take what was originally theirs. As you said, Islam so is China’s influence in the world. So you stick to your stone age belief and worship the man who bedded 9 year old while Chinese people excel to modernisation. How tf are you using it? You should be put in those camps for re-education. Or maybe they should just kill you in there and harvest your organs. If you see his original comment, you shall see he supported a specific Muslim group in China called East Turkestan Movements, which have conducted lots of terrorism actions in China since 2005 and caused lots of death. That’s why bbc doesn’t mention his original post in the news. Dog Too Cool For This Planet. Nice try with your propaganda and organ harvesting. And debt trap schemes to get poor countries suckered into your scam. This is really unreasonable! Ozil’s comment isn’t representing the opinion of his club or anybody else, he just expressed his point of view on something that isn’t related to football. That’s not his point of view folks, he stated a fact; China has been cruely mistreating Uighurs for years with the silence of the International community & UN, it is really sad that a state is raping and treating children women and vulnerable badly. As human being we should stand for the truth no matter what position we are on.

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