Down Right Perfect Low Top

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Now, Joe, you’re only the walking deceased. The Sanders and Warren folks will not lift a finger to put you in the Oval Office – they’ll just stay home in resentment. Down Right Perfect Low Top. And, you’ll be the Party’s Nominee, but the closest you’ll get to the WH will be on a tour. Didn’t think you could do it, Joe. Then BAM! The Establishment worked their magic, and suddenly you’re the most popular man in town! Or at least that’s what they’re paying the media to tell us.

Down Right Perfect Low Top

Down Right Perfect Low Top - Pic 1
Low Top – Pic 1
Down Right Perfect Low Top - Pic 2
Low Top – Pic 2
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Low Top – Pic 3

Joe Biden was a joke as VP, he will never be President have you not been watching the election results that the states are throwing up??? Literally Donald trump by himself doubles the votes if not more in almost every state for the primaries do yourself a favor sleep joe and drop out. Down Right Perfect Low Top. Congrats on you and the DNC rigging another election by getting all the moderates to bail and support you but making sure the “progressive” Warren stays in to keep her voters from Bernie. The establishment never ceases to amaze. I don’t appreciate being told who I have to support. I don’t like Biden. I don’t like his policies. I don’t like his record of voting. I don’t like his creepy demeanor with children. I do not like him. And having the DNC manipulate the vote, push for other candidates to drop out in favor of Biden, and then squeeze Bernie out (again), does not entice me to vote for the candidate that is being forced on me. And having it be a choice of Biden or Trump is not much of a choice at all. They’re both bad choices. I may just skip it this year altogether. I am very disappointed in the DNC and all of the shenanigans that have happened that brought us here to this travesty of a primary election.

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