Dr seuss alphabet face mask

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But, are they as efficient as they can be? That’s my point. I agree–the mandate is a problem. Dr seuss alphabet face mask. I didn’t say it wasn’t. See the IG audit above, though–there are ways the post office can work to improve, and if we want any chance at keeping them from being privatized (assuming the mandate isn’t removed…), we need to encourage them to be as strong as they can

Dr seuss alphabet face mask

Dr seuss alphabet face mask - detail
face mask – detail

I understand that they are trying to bankrupt them and make it impossible for them to break even, much less make a profit. I am only saying it is important for us to encourage them to be as strong as they can be–the IG audit I posted above outlines some areas they could improve upon (issues my family/friends have personally experienced, which makes it easier to see the impact, perhaps), which could not only help financially (NOT solve their financial issues…just help), but more importantly, put them in a better position to avoid privatization, hopefully…but, maybe you’re right and its all for naught. Dr seuss alphabet face mask. I hope that’s not true… What we can do is try to support a strengthened post office…in the ways they can control (see the IG audit posted above for improvement suggestions)…so that these politicians don’t get their way. I’m hoping that effort wouldn’t be for naught…so hard to tell anymore…

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