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I’m 79 years old and just got introduced to your voice in face book your voice is so beautiful and God given it makes me feel so happy and cheerful when I hear it. I absolutely adore you. My friends and I are all going to Hamden to see you. The stress getting 9 tickets yesterday. One of the only artists I’ve listen to live and are never different I can’t wait to see you in the tour Ed tickets booked and done for you extra day in June I thank you so much xx good luckxc. I love how you sound exactly the same live then you do on Spotify, sometime singers just don’t sound the same live but those notes you hits are just chefs kiss . So handsome in a tux! Love this song!!. Absolutely amazing , didn’t no you made your daughter cot. We were also lucky enough to get tickets for Wembly next year Love you Ed Dragon Ball Vegeta Air Jordan JD Shoes Sneaker

Dragon Ball Vegeta Air Jordan JD Shoes Sneaker

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Love the song and the suit was ok but it isn’t you.. Britney Weemes. Love this song, and he’s rockin’ the tux!. Looking snazzy in tux, Ed Shivers. Best of luck with new release. A smash me thinks xx. Ed Sheeran, your music . As always, an amazing performance . Absolutely love this song! One of my favs now!. YOU give me the Shivers every performance Ed!. you always give me shivers when you sing Ed . Fantastic performance. Today I ordered my concert tickets for Germany. I can’t wait for Shivers . I hope you don’t go to a band all the time! You are an amazing artist and your style and skill are like no other artists out there!!! Always a fan! Thank you!. @edsheeran my wedding is in Zimbabwe on the 2nd of October! I know you’ve always wanted to come here! Would be incredible if you could??? Dragon Ball Vegeta Air Jordan JD Shoes Sneaker

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You gonna tell the truth this time though, Ed?. You are underestimating his abilities, he is really good at covering things up. . Jason Newell who cares??? Honestly, who actually cares?. I mean he doesn’t really look 15 in these pics Jason Newell have you seen some of the kids on Beyond Scared Straight? Lol. Jason Newell when did he ever say that song was about him??. Jason Newell the pics you have posted are younger than 15! Plus living where Ed lived there was nothing else to do so he probably did!. Jason Newell Was that necessary? I hope you feel better soon.. Jayne Mauzy Morley I’ve actually had COVID for the last 9 days. Thanks for caring. . Jason Newell Hard lol just making up stories in his head to write about. Jason Newell why the bad comments? Has he ever had a pop at you? Jealous are we

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