Dragon & Dungeon Tattoo Tumbler

Do you want it? Dragon & Dungeon Tattoo Tumbler. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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We need more overt appeal to Sanders supporters. He (and Warren) have presented a vision to transform inequities built deeply into American systems. Speak passionately and authentically to that. We can’t afford to lose those voters. Dragon & Dungeon Tattoo Tumbler. Congratulations What a Big Win in Michigan, Missouri, Don’t get your feet OFF the throttle. A Win shows You’ve Got more work to do! God is taking You President Joe Biden to that OVAL office. Now get all Presidential candidates together and unified for the Big Task ahead. You need all onboard to get the work done. Wish You Success ahead.

Dragon & Dungeon Tattoo Tumbler

Dragon & Dungeon Tattoo Tumbler - 20oz
Tumbler – 20oz

Joe you need to get Bernie Sanders’ young voters on your side. Find a way to bring them into the fold. Be extra nice to Bernie. Don’t argue with him in the debate try to reach out and extend an olive branch to the Bernie supporters especially the younger college aged ones. Dragon & Dungeon Tattoo Tumbler. Remember we’re all in this to defeat Trump I voted for you Joe because I know you love this country and you will always put America first, don’t allow Trump or anyone take your joy, this for Bo Congratulations from Michigan. I feel bad for biden. Please tell him to drop out because his health is deteriorating fast. After today’s outburst I really noticed he does to appear to have dementia. I’m not sure what stage it’s in but I saw it. I’ve worked in nursing homes so I know 1st hand the signs.

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