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Sanders supporters getting caught up in a movement is one thing. However if you choose to be angry and petulant please be mindful of which camp that serves. And if you don’t care then stop wasting everyone’s time. I honestly hope the DNC focuses on getting the message out. Dragon Eye Tumbler. Biden appears to be selecting Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase bank, to be in his cabinet. The same Dimon that caused the banking collapse that had to be bailed out for $6T! So the oligarchs support both Biden and Trump. All they care about is not having a Bernie.

Dragon Eye Tumbler

Dragon Eye Tumbler - 20oz
Tumbler – 20oz

Congratulations. What a Big Win. More energy, commitment, sacrifice and more statement of love will surely get You there. Truly, Yes Americans can do it. America can be great again, it starts from You and You and You. A massive support can get President Joe Biden to that Oval Office. Truly, President Joe Biden can be trusted with the Great future for America and Americans. Congrats President Joe. More work needs to be done. Bravo of the successes thus far. God bless America. Beautiful to be a Democrats. Dragon Eye Tumbler. Thank You Texas. Virginia you can do it. Joe Biden Inshallah You Will Pass T Election I want to go from Bangladesh to America I have no idea I want to go manna. Most Bernie supporters won’t vote for Biden in November. Biden had better figure out how to win them over, it’s few million voters we are talking about. This same issue, centrists versus leftists caused Hillary’s defeat against Trump. No one wants a repeat of 2016.

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