Dragon I don’t understand stupid people face mask

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He has cost this country immeasurably in lies, our world standing, deaths from covid, he is racist…Dragon I don’t understand stupid people face mask.  I can go on. Their is nothing good or moral about him. His small yearly salary is nothing to what he and his family is raking in at our expense. Wrong person? He saved us from going to war a couple times. If the other choice got in, we would be in Hong Kong’s position. Take a seat old joe. They don’t really want you. They want you to die in office so your vp can take over. Rest easy in your final years.

Dragon I don’t understand stupid people face mask

Dragon I don't understand stupid people face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Hillary was right.When she said Trump was Putin Puppet.What is it that Putin has on him.That would make him destroy this Country.One has to wonder what happen when he was in Russia.The Dems need to show that tape of Eric Trump saying that they got finacial backing from Russia. Could it be they have sold this Country out. Dragon I don’t understand stupid people face mask. Who would have thought that government agencies and former White House (Obama and Biden) tried to take down our President. He has done a good job for all Americans under constant harassments from democratic politicians and press. If Hillary was elected, we would no have known all the corruption that we have in our government. Count your blessing, cause will be voted in again in 2020. The reason being is all the chaos that we currently have in our country and this is from the far left democrat’s. People are tired of it. And Joe, you have not had the guts to come out and condemn this activity of the rioters, looters, murders, and destruction of property. With that said, I hope everyone enjoys the 4th. Please go out and be with your family and friends.

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