Dragonfly vintage mandala tumbler

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Please don’t drop out, Bernie. You’ve got to keep fighting, you’ve got to continue to draw distinctions between you and Biden. If you don’t, Trump will. Trump can, astonishingly, attack him from the left. We need to stop moving this country rightward! Dragonfly vintage mandala tumbler. Looks like we’re moving on with the same losing strategy of 2016- nominating a boring pragmatist centrist with no grassroots or youth support. This was the year corporate media and the DNC itself, including candidates in the race, coalesced around a life-long conservative democrat who may also be senile and a sexual assailant. The Democratic Party is rotten to the core and stands for absolutely nothing beyond “we’re not Donald Trump”.

Dragonfly vintage mandala tumbler

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tumbler – Pic 1
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tumbler – Pic 2
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tumbler – Pic 3

Thank you Bernie, for your vision and your passion. I’m crushed that we’ve missed our chance to let you guide us into a more sustainable future, build our democracy and middle class, and join the ranks of countries that support the protections of its people and environment. Dragonfly vintage mandala tumbler. My heart is breaking….thank you for spreading our message, for standing with us and for us. Our country would have been so much better off with you at the helm. It’s truly sad the majority of my party does not see this. Thank you for reminding us what we should be fighting for – keep pressure on Joe Biden to fight for the poor and working class. Very sad day for us, your followers.

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