Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

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Just received my copy in Melbourne, Australia. Even though lockdown is lifting, I’m staying in to read. Such brilliant page pairings!. Is this available in an electronic version? I am visually impaired and can’t read small print would be cool if I could get it off of Kindle or iBooks. Already got my copy, and the Fukuoka University Library (in southwest Japan) has a copy now too!. I bought the book and would have loved for it to contain the long multi part stories such as those that go up on insta and fb. But all the stories have been disappointingly short. It’s a coffee table book but I don’t feel it captures this page well at … See More. I have already preordered mine and I cannot wait until it arrives!!. Just got my copy in the mail! The top edge of the cover is a bit smashed but it’s not too bad. Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt 1
Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt 2
Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt
Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

Thank you HUNY for sharing a story about a Korean American! Especially after the Atlanta shootings. Even if her story is different from mine, it was nice to see someone who looked like me.. This story is similar to my son’s story! What a lonely life he had. I hope he (and you) find peace in your adult lives today.. You had to go through so much – I’m so sorry for those hard years. I love that we get to hear your voice now tho, I loved everything you wrote. Thanks for helping hearing people get an insight into your daily world. I hope life is so much better now a… See More. How truly special it was that your brother was compassionate enough to understand what you needed without saying much! . Your life has been very difficult, I’m glad you have your brother. I hope from here on that your life is filled with much joy. Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

Duck Hunting Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

We all need to have someone who sees us and knows our hearts. I’m so glad your brother can be there for you. . Major hugs. My baby brother is hearing impaired, so we went to different schools and had vastly different childhoods. He struggled so much and continues to struggle today. Wishing you love and light. . Your brother is your person! May we all have someone who sees us for who we are and what we need. I hope life continues to bless you with happiness, compassion and understanding! . I can’t imagine how lonely you must have felt. Thank Goodness for your brother. Wishing you both the best. When sibling relationships are good, they are the best. I envy you for that, but I am also so glad that you have each other. . I can’t relate to your hearing impairment, but can relate to the immigrant kid in America part.

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