Dude are you okay totally hoodie

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You lost me at auto tune. . make duets with other real singers someone who is on your level babe ..love you forever. Like the music but she looks like his. Singing, acting are all wonderful. Siw Hagen Dude are you okay totally hoodie the rhythm om #PaTiLonely is to die for and The video is everything! Outfits, hairstyles, Spanish, you and maluma.. and the dance.. what more do we need GOOOSIES all over my body! Lysm . Ana MacGregor Viteri-Sabar Wow those look super cute!. JLo, you really are ok just the way you are. I just love the way you kick butt, sticking to what you believe in…that’s what makes you sooooo gorgeous!! Please don’t ever, ever,ever change!!!!!. Love the song . Sorry jlo..luv ya but cant stand this style of music. You have such gorgeous looking legs I never get tired of seeing them. I watched it this morning doing my work out it was awesome thanks

Dude are you okay totally hoodie

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hoodie – red
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Dude are you okay totally hoodie – grey

I love this song so much. Edgardo Luis Rivera. Good music can all way leave you on a high. . Anytime of the year just position your self on enjoy refreshing sound anywhere anytime with JLO. . Her purposes is to please her fans.. Beautiful women I love you so much . María José Dude are you okay totally hoodie I mean, the whole video, both songs were more than awesome, you guys fully killed, I’m so proud of you . Super…..song My Queen 3x pretty. Contemporary Cleopatra…She does know how to stop the time flow or flow it vice versa – she looks like 25 year ago. Timeless J.L.. When you think that her music can’t suck more she surprises you . Terrible songs. Looking gorgeous as always. Tammy Cassidy All l got to say is wow you never missed any thing in all area of this video Again you never let us down.

Dude are you okay totally hoodie

She is too adorable!! You are raising them well!!. Her mom more beautiful, love you Jenny . Super sweet to see that your just a mom with a beautiful daughter like the rest of us!! Forever a Jlo fan!!!. You’re coconuts are so down to earth and sweet children. Its sad when we celebrities bring too much fame or lack of normalcy into their kids lives. She even has your naturally curly hair.. Aww so sweet mini you Jlo priceless. Elvira Isku Dobi. I would keep this video forever and when I’m lonely or missing her play it. Kadyan JLover. Beautiful girl. You have like the flashdance style. Such a cutiepie. Love her curls. That is such a sweet gift. Priceless. Emme is so talented. She’s blessed with a beautiful voice and I can listen to her singing all day long . Absolutely amazing, well done you are raising an incredible daughter.

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