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Sarah ScottAlso, let’s fine the media for “reporting” lies. I’m tired of Fox & Sinclair. The Aussies got rid of Murdoch. Why can’t we? We used to have laws that protected media content, but we’ve gotten rid of those…It’s time to realize that Fox “reporting” is … See More6 . Eric BleuelJust make it a real filibuster instead of a procedural declaration.3 . Douglas AingeDemocrats have used the filibuster to stop attacks on social security and Medicare, when democrats were in minority status in the Senate. Republicans have constantly tried to cut social security and Medicare and rights of the Affordable Care Act.We wo… See More3 . Rox MarieSeems like it’s only useful when a party doesn’t hold a majority, which is why it could be necessary in this day and age where we constantly have to hear about Congress being unable to compromise. Please cut the signal-to-noise and adjust term limits a… See More46  Due to the rising cost of ammunition doormat

Due to the rising cost of ammunition doormat

Cathy Mennealy RegisterGet rid of it. We’re tired of the Senate and House Republicans stealing, robbing and cheating their way thru our communal lives. Enough is enough. 59 . Dan AdrianThank You Senator. We need to get rid of this ridiculous rule NOW. Republicans know the majority of Americans don’t support them now and with the demographic changes happening even less people will. They desperately want to hold on to the filibuster t… See More71 . Marie LoganWe also need some bills not allowing companies like Zillow to purchase hundreds, maybe thousands of home and then flipping for profit. I know this is a capitalist society, but this is beyond, beyond acceptable. Homes are meant to be lived in and need… See More5 . Penni RussellGreat. So, a) who has the authority to make this happen and b) what happens when the GOP controls the Senate and they want to pass some heinous law. We need to think about this and have clear limitations and rules. But having the Senate make their own … See More41  Due to the rising cost of ammunition doormat

Due to the rising cost of ammunition doormat

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