Dwight CPR Certified The Office shirt and v-neck

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Someone who speaks based on facts and scientific data! Dwight CPR Certified The Office. Ultimately many will die, but Dr. Fauci’s truthful statements will allow lives to be saved!

Dwight CPR Certified The Office

Dwight CPR Certified The Office v-neck
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He was at the NIH in the 1980s when Reagan was trying to ignore AIDS, so this isn’t his first rodeo with the Republican death cult. Dwight CPR Certified The Office. Forget all the facts and scientific research, let’s take a moment to consider Donald Trump’s valid criticism that anything he doesn’t agree with is just to stop him being reelected. The guy Trump doesn’t want around anymore, now that he disagrees with a forced reopening for an Easter miracle. Unfortunately any media attention he gets is insuring Trump will get rid of him soon and we need him as he’s the voice of reason. Trump is a jealous but job who won’t be happy if Fauci get better more positive attention. Struggling against the face of incompetence and capitulation in Trump? Good luck, you’re going to need it. Make that the *plausible* face of the Administration’s Coronavirus effort. Because that certainly excludes the other cracked actors. I heard one newscaster say he had already been awarded this medal. He is a national treasure. This poor man deserves a medal for standing beside the worlds biggest narrastic clown ever. But what’s the bets we will see him pushed out as the fake president wont like him getting this good press. Sadly there is no medicin. Scientists all over the world are trying to find a vaccine. If the feds let seniors die they can than take the SS money and use it for their own gain. No one will notice untill it is too late.

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