Earth planet window poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Earth planet window poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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It’s only remained to wish all women and girls a happy new year 2021! Every person has a job to do. Children have good schools to learn.. “The moment of Lift” is one of my favorite books. This is an outstanding article. Thank you posting and for your dedication to women empowerment around the globe. All people are up to the challenge because it is the only option, adapt and continue, in 2022/23 we will be in a different world.. I always fear for all the nurses who are on the front line doing their level best to help everyone who is quarantined. And all the fallen heroes and heroine who were so diligent with their work. They sacrificed their own lives to save patients. I was d… See More Earth planet window poster

Earth planet window poster

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Earth planet window poster 2

Thank you dear Mrs Gates, for your fierce commitment to create the lasting change.. America can’t thank you enough, Melinda. Even unknown people in small rural towns in the middle of Michigan “hear” you and applaud your worldwide efforts for good.. Words are useless unless they are backed by action. Politicians do a lot of talking, but very little action on behalf of the people. I’ll believe it when I see it. Joe has been talking in Washington for a long long time with not much to show for it. Ho… See More. So proud of both of them. The light is here to lead us out of the last four years. They will lead with respect, sincerity, strength and kindness. Thank you!. Such a pleasure to hear what a president sounds like after 4 years.. Ty Melinda we need people like u that are so willing to use their own resources for the better good of the whole planet!!! Earth planet window poster

Earth planet window poster

Progressive/creative/innovative Women should be the center of all institutions, especially women of color. Want to save the world? Men aren’t gonna do it….women are.. Very inspiring, Melinda, but most women are too busy working because they pay exorbitant taxes because you don’t pay your fair share.. In Kenya doctors and nurses are dying day by day becouse of trying to save life of people who are infected with covid. It has wiped more men than women.. now who will marry all thz women who are active if we all die or they have dildos n vibrator

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