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You were wonderful on Colbert! I hope every Alabama Amazon worker who voted against a union sees this. Maybe it should have been explained to them a different way, i.e., Bezos made so much more in 2020 due to the pandemic, he could have afforded to pay EACH Alabama. Amazon worker AN ADDITIONAL $210,000 AND STILL MADE MILLIONS MORE THAN HE DID IN 2019. Think about that.. Colbert is worth $75 million—it definitely working for him —unfortunately his yacht doesn’t have a mini yacht !. It don’t seem to me that this Country is working very well right now. I see a new crisis about every day. As we say down south, you are barking up the wrong tree.. No wonder the Pope loves you Mr C&co. (We old broads like your wife more, we see the patience required to marry you pal) Let the record state. “Enforcement has taken the last holiday they will ever get” Granny hawks are surviving the regime in Ontario and we hope to see this gal soon! Legalists need allies. Long live the only Report we ever enjoyed! Xoxoxo from grannies in southern Ontario. Easily distracted by rodeo and bear vintage poster

Easily distracted by rodeo and bear vintage poster

Art M. AltmanJust forgive the interest and give them 40 years to pay off principal. (Most of what they pay is interest!). Example: 8% interest on $100,000 is $8000 per year, roughly $660 per month just interest! $800 per month if you want to dent the principa… See More32 . Cathy Vieira SongerThe private student loan companies are horrible! No income based, kept dragging their feet when my son was laid off & he requested a deferment. It took 4 months after they kept requesting he fax repeatedly forms they had received. I’m forever sorry … See More4 . Rainey LynchI should be putting away money for my daughter’s education – not still paying for my own.5 . Diana RamirezI took out a huge loan so my child could have a good education.Needless to say is unable to make enough money to help pay it back.So I carry the burden.… See More2  Easily distracted by rodeo and bear vintage poster

Easily distracted by rodeo and bear vintage poster

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