Easter Day Bunny Leopard Eggs Green Hawaiian Shirts

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Easter Day Bunny Leopard Eggs Green Hawaiian Shirts. Order now before lose it forever.

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#TuesdayswithTrey all that I care to talk about right now is what a great man and powerful voice we’ve lost with the passing of RUSH!!!!! Regroup to carry on his incredible legacy! I’ll forever miss him, and his influence and importance of what matters most. Carry on Ditto Heads!!. What do you think are the greatest dangers of this administration? I am skeptical about are rights being chipped away little by little! Thank goodness I have faith!. #tuesdayswithtrey this is my favorite podcast. I love the ones where it’s just you talking. Maybe consider “twice a week with Trey” lol?. Tray You are greatly appreciated I hope the left is exposed for they have done to the state of Texas this should never happen again!. My greatest fear is the media, their manipulation of the truth, and the impact that it is having on our society. How can we combat this? Is anyone searching for constitutionally safe avenues and alternatives? Because the medias obvious bias and manipul… See More Easter Day Bunny Leopard Eggs Green Hawaiian Shirts

Easter Day Bunny Leopard Eggs Green Hawaiian Shirts

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How can anyone have faith in the GOP, government, justice when literally nothing is done to those who commit crimes. You didn’t do anything to help either. Big talk, little action.. How can we send billions of dollars to other countries when we do not take care or allow us to care for our own. Can anyone explain anything anymore. It’s is just beyond frustration that these corrupt politicians get away with murder & expect us to abi… See More. oh yeah, I’ve got one!…. Is there anyone with a friggen Conscience in DC??. My question is very simple. When will our elected Republicans grow a pair and STOP the liberals tricks??!!. When we see things like Hillary Clinton destroying evidence or people lying to the FISA court to obtain illegal surveillance….or even being ignored when we asked for the election to be investigated, why do “they” expect any of us to obey even the spe… See More Easter Day Bunny Leopard Eggs Green Hawaiian Shirts

Easter Day Bunny Leopard Eggs Green Hawaiian Shirts

Why is the National Guard still in DC? What are the politicians afraid of?….. Can states call their Guard members home? THEY SHOULD!. Will you come back to Washington and hold all of these bad actors responsible? Can you go to Georgia and clean up that mess? What can we do?. Talk , talk and more talk. We never see any justice for all that has been done and proven. Do the Dems. have better attorneys or are the Republicans scared or lazy. This has been going on far to long.. Why are we not seeing Indictments with regards to Duram investigation. Why the FISA judges have done nothing to those who lied to them.. What can Texas Residents do about the skyrocketing energy prices we will now be paying. If my math is correct, I’m going to pay Thousands of dollars for 4 days of energy.. #TuesdayswithTrey The disgustingly evil thing the dems are in process of doing now concerning President Trump. It is bad enough they are trying to ruin him, but now Arlington!!!! They are just hateful in every possible way!! There is not a Christian in… See More

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