Eaton Fuller Transmissions Poster

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You are a beacon of hope to those of us who want integrity and kindness back in the Oval Office. Eaton Fuller Transmissions Poster. I’m sick of the division…whether it comes from the far right or the far left. We need to do better and I think with the help of strong advocates, you will be able to be a successful potus. 8 of my family members served in the United states Military and 1 didn’t come home fighting for America’s rights and freedoms and i share those family members ideals. I support America by working for a college by feeding our future American leaders.

Eaton Fuller Transmissions Poster

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I totally love it when Trump and Sanders trolls come after me. They should stay on their own candidates’ FB pages, but they just can’t resist trying to make trouble and sow division. That empowers my pro-Biden message even more because of the old FB algorithm. You know.  This is what’s divisive. Eaton Fuller Transmissions Poster. People are watching the election process. Every time you put down Bernie supporters, your pushing us away if Biden gets the nom. You all did this in 2016 too. You bashed us, then wanted our votes. Doesn’t work like that. I don’t have Stockholm syndrome. I’m here because Joe was my Vice President, I have never unfollowed him. Now that he’s campaigning for President, I’m following that too. You complain about division while pushing US away.

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