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Jesse Carnes if you cant live on a salary that teachers or nurses make, you are living totally wrong. they make a lot more than the average joe. ECG Knowledge Poster. You got a point on people not being aware about the debt they take on when they attend school.

ECG Knowledge Poster

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Poster – A2

I’m just a few short months from my CDL so I’m the average joe. A lot of my family is in health services and they don’t get paid the amount they should for the help and care they give. I been working hard since I graduated. You guys don’t seem to know what hard work is so I wouldn’t expect you to understand how it is for blue collar people. Jesse Carnes if teachers worked 12 months a year like the rest of us, they’d earn more money. It also depends on your location. ECG Knowledge Poster. In my home town teachers earned far more than many other professions… they earned six figures. I think a lot of people do jesse. just when teachers make around 35000 and on up and nurses make more than that and you compare that to people who do factory jobs and the like who work around minimum wage, that where you are wrong. Teachers here, especially starting out, make crap. Nurses make good money, but they have to work their asses off. It CAN be an issue, but there are options: some Americans chose to work all through school and have debt almost paid off by graduation, and others of us chose to learn a trade first, so we graduated debt-free and ready to work making above a livable wage, and THEN we got our degrees. It’s possible to avoid student debt, but it takes patient planning and commitment.

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