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I’m all in with Yang. The most logical candidate on the issues our country faces. He’s not an extremist and his solutions speak to helping everyone instead of the just the right or the left. ECG Knowledge Poster. Look into him beyond the fake debates on television.

ECG Knowledge Poster

ECG Knowledge Poster - 24x36
Poster – 24×36
ECG Knowledge Poster - 16x24
Poster – 16×24
ECG Knowledge Poster - 11x17
Poster – 11×17

On YouTube there’s plenty that will open your eyes to his policies. What about drinking whiskey at work? How does that effect job performance? Just because it would be legal doesn’t mean it is allowed in the work place. Jose Orellana hey man if you’re illiterate or below a competent literacy rate, please abstain from talking about politics over the internet. I really like Yang. I wish he would discuss his foreign. That would be my concern. I would love to hear that he’s anti-war and how he will handle other countries. How will our allies regain faith in us after trump. What do you all think don’t get your news from cnn msmbc fox I never know what they are trying to pull news is manipulation. We haven’t fixed the drunk driving problem. ECG Knowledge Poster. So why are we adding to the driving while high problem. Legal for medical purposes only Legalize marijuana, de-populate the prison system thereby saving taxes, and use the revenue generated from legalizing marijuana to provide free medical. When is his guy gonna drop out ? Who in their right mind would ever vote for a rich, no experience business for president again. Thomas Switala he is worth less than bernie, and ran a non profit creating thousands of jobs for the past 7 years. Kind of the opposite of what you most likely are thinking.

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