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I had to go to the ER today just to receive treatment for a cough because my regular doctors would not see me. It turned into a test-me-for-everything-under-the-sun contest, except for the one thing we should be testing for because “that would be a waste of a test.” Eeveelutions Blanket. 30 weeks pregnant, cough for 12 days, husband is commercial airline pilot. Still don’t know what is wrong with me and still very much sick. They are not testing for it.

Eeveelutions Blanket

Eeveelutions Blanket - Youth
Blanket – Youth
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Blanket – Large
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Blanket – X Large

This has all exposed the truth, the fraud, the culpability, the crooked, the fraud & & & just maybe this was needed to wake the hell up America! Stand, protest, vote & get the entire admin out! 3 votes of blue to turn the Senate also – vote blue all the way. I dont even have health coverage and I work in healthcare also. I went into this field thinking i would get some of the best health insurance as well as cost. Eeveelutions Blanket. Health care in this country is a joke, im all in for health coverage for all. I really don’t understand how Biden is in the lead when he does not propose anything majorly different. To watch his face drop when you stated you would put people of color and minorities in marajuana businesses took the cake. I dont want Biden, I want YOU as President.

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