Electrician Knowledge Poster

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Justin Micheals cant assume anything he has no right to open his bigot mouth and spew his trump spunk on a supposed “fake news” post how hypocritical is that? Electrician Knowledge Poster. Daniel, show me the physical evidence of a crime.

Electrician Knowledge Poster

Electrician Knowledge Poster - A3
Poster – A3
Electrician Knowledge Poster - A2
Poster – A2
Electrician Knowledge Poster - A1
Poster – A1

Sorry guys, but we don’t convict people on hearsay and we sure as hell don’t remove duly elected Presidents based on hearsay. Balsiger exactly now if Justin Michael would just shut his bigot mouth and go suck Trump off somewhere else theres your proof Trumptards. Daniel, when asked about communications with the President, Sondland clearly stated that Trump never told him any such thing. Quite the opposite, actually. Try again. He didn’t ask about Joe Biden even though he received money from the corrupted Oil company too!! But he wanted to know if the prosecutor was fired because of Sleepy Joe?? Electrician Knowledge Poster. Like he bragged about it!!He is the sitting president and has the right to know. Kaley Coughlin which testimony did you watch because in the ones I watched Volker, Morrison, Sondland whom are all Dems witnesses can’t link a quid pro quo between the aid and the Bidens. Because with Trump in power, Nigeria will be a better place but with democrats, CNN Fake news and the deep state. Nigeria will never recover. Because they are more interested in what they get out of Nigeria and other African Nations. The only mess you are in is the one Obama, the democats and the deep state placed you in. Trump is correcting it all. Omg worry about all the kidnapping that’s going on in your country and leave my country alone.

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