Elephant sunflower in a world face mask

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A stutter doesn’t make you frequently forget what town you’re in. Elephant sunflower in a world face mask. Lose your train of thought mid sentence.

Elephant sunflower in a world face mask

Elephant sunflower in a world face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

I’d rather that than a man who seems to love kids a little toooo much and in a totally inappropriate way or does your bias against trump ignore this or do Kids lives matter not matter to you. research before making a silly statement. It’s not just stutter. He has had issues more serious than a stutter, which we all do from time to time. do your research, please rather than use the “fake crap” it’s an uneducated response. I seriously think he has issues. Elephant sunflower in a world face mask. Research just a little harder. Your response is nonsense. He’s had a stutter all his life. He’s had two brain aneurysms and his subsequent cognitive decline isn’t atypical of somebody who’s suffered brain trauma. None of it’s his fault. His rapid decline due to obvious dementia is becoming impossible to hide. Unfortunately he doesn’t have people in his life that are truly looking out for what’s best for him. That is ignorant, I was merely commenting on his constant mistakes, not knowing where he is, not able to put a coherent sentence together, the 150,000,000 people dead statement. No it’s not about politics it’s about a man that has mental issues and that’s sad. Anybody trying to passed that off as anything but mental decline of the brain is clueless. My grandfather died with dementia and had a speech impediment all his life. This doesnt make you lose your train of thought.You can see this man isnt well and any Democrat that would put him through this is nuts. We literally have no other choice. Hell, I voted for someone who would have been the best president, but the moderates rejected her.

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