Elvis presley face mask

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I am Mother, and I would whoop my daughter’s 24 yr old butt before traveling in this mess. Elvis presley face mask. Their lives are more important than some dumb vacation.

Elvis presley face mask

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No child is never too old not to listen to their mothers, she should’ve stopped them. Soo let’s start documenting people some of the 1.5 million people who died from Tuberculosis last year!! Will you showcase anyone on here? So ignorant….How do you know they didn’t have thyroid issues? Elvis presley face mask. People like you are so insensitive and have no regard for human life. How about you offer your condolences and move along? Terrible mother, who allows their kids to eat like that, eating like that causes health problems, it’s 100% abuse. Fat shaming dead children. Nice. You do realize healthy foods are more expensive, right? You do realize not everybody lives in a safe neighborhood to get out and exercise, right. If they can’t afford good foods then they sure can’t afford a gym membership. Dont judge a book by the cover. exactly it’s only because they’re black and over weight why she made the statement this is what’s wrong with society. All because some people are not over doesn’t make you healthy this is the time to criticize people for their weight you can be thin and not healthy She didn’t mention skin color in her comment but YOU sure did! “Keep your body healthy” must be some type of trigger words for you today. Had they not died from covid they would have continued to live with obesity. Do you not understand how cause of death is determined? There are also healthy people that have died of this virus, that’s not as common but it happens.

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