Elvis Presley hawaii hawaiian shirt

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Don the Con has everyone making decisions for him, writing his speeches and then he reads his speeches from his monitors. His commercials need a rebuttal. Everything he isn’t he tries to project on others. He has taken this country so far down in the gutter it will soon all be washed down into the sewer. Elvis Presley hawaii hawaiian shirt. I am not sure why Kanye West announced he is running unless he wants to take votes from Don the Con. This is just getting crazy.

Elvis Presley hawaii hawaiian shirt

Elvis Presley hawaii hawaiian shirt - detail
hawaiian shirt – detail

And he’ll have even less when he’s carted off in handcuffs on election night. Elvis Presley hawaii hawaiian shirt. We may shed a tear till he’s gone in November, but we’ll dry our eyes & have a glint in them as we watch the loser being driven away in a paddy wagon. Oh, it’ll be so worth the wait! tRumpy’s reign of terror will be behind us & we’ll be ready for sunshine Joe & his tinted shades. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, honey. To all those who think that Trump is so wonderful! Take a good at youself before insulting another person for what you perceive as the truth! You have NO idea what someone has done or not done and most importantly what they’ve been through in their lives. Maybe people that don’t like you think your cognitive abilities are questionable too! Who the F do you people think you are using insults to make a point.

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