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This is typical of Trump calling the shots simply to benefit himself and his election chances rather than considering the health and welfare of the American people. Enjoy nuka cola face mask. It is so obvious that Trump cares nothing for America, its democracy, and it citizens. Any one who supports and votes for Trump in 2020.

Enjoy nuka cola face mask

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face mask – detail

He is just pandering to the most ignorant among us. My biggest fear is that his cultist may be too stupid to realize when he loses in a landslide. Enjoy nuka cola face mask. They are notoriously poor with math and basic comprehension. Well I am sure if he had a face to face encounter with someone with Covid-19 he would be speaking a different tune but even trump I wouldn’t wish anyone this virus even trump. I meen it funny to think about but I wouldn’t wish that on him even if he is a disgrace of a human being nobody deserves to be infected with that. He’s only worried about him looking bad. It’s always about him and his dam election. That’s totally selfish. More testing is needed, not less. How the hell can we get a better handle on all this if we don’t know who has it, and may be still spreading it? Especially given there are some who aren’t taking this serious or taking any measures of protection. Without more testing we really don’t know for sure where we are at in battling all this.

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