Eric Cantona Kung Fu Kick Sweater and T-shirt

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Finally someone with the courage to call out the gun lobby in this country. Finally someone to stand up to the violence that kills our children everyday in this country. Eric Cantona Kung Fu Kick Sweater. Thank you for your service and your courage Chief Acevedo, we need more people like you to help bring this country back.

Eric Cantona Kung Fu Kick Sweater and T-shirt

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Is calling out those who don’t really care. So proud of Chief Acevedo. He is sick of the lack of gun control thanks to the NRA and the lack of this administration to act. They should be ashamed of themselves. Americans are better than this. We are better than this. The NRA is so far removed from peddling gun safety and anyone that thinks that’s what they’re about is lying to themselves. The NRA is all about politics and lobbying. Didn’t use to be that way. Somewhere along the way, someone decided less gun safety and more political finnegling and powerhouse lobbyists. Sad….As someone who believes in every adult’s right to own and keep weapons, I have zero use for the NRA. It means a lot more when police officers start speaking out. Remember that they are on the front lines and have to go into every situation assuming they are outgunned. It is possible to respect the Second Amendment and be sensible. Frankly, these gun nuts do neither. 40,000 gun violence deaths a year is not well-regulated. I really don’t care about the NRA. I support them sure. They are the only lobbyist group that actively tries to prevent the government from denying my right to own firearms. I have law enforcement in my family from my dad to my nephew and soon my grandson. I pray for them regularly. I can’t stand the courts that continually release criminals that would take their lives as a daily matter of fact occurrence. My cousin post an end of watch tribute of all the officers slain in the line of duty and it sickens my soul to see the number and the frequency this happens. I would urge all reasonable persons to support and aid law enforcement every time the need arises. Eric Cantona Kung Fu Kick Sweater. God Bless and keep safe all of our first responders.

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