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Apparantly the Pentagon thinks the only way to dominate is to spend more. Ernie sesame street face mask. As if, omg, if we don’t spend more than them combined, they might try to overtake us. Seems a bit irrational. Plus, spending does not equal quality. Folks tout U.S. military spending with pride, not realizing it’s just evidence that we’ve been fleeced into transferring so many tax dollars into the pockets of private contractors.

Ernie sesame street face mask

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How about refusing to go to a war that isn’t really our business in the first place. After the Korean war most of our involvement were involvents that gained us nothing. Listen, you can win battles but you can’t win over minds and hearts of enemies. Let them alone to fight THEIR own battles. Ernie sesame street face mask.The same issues will appear again after we have left. War is not a game if chess where there is a winner or a loser..much more involved. Returning vets that are treated like shit should be learning by now. If La Fayette the French had not help Washington in 1766 who knows where was America. If Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor who knows what would be today’s nature of Europe and Asia. I just red “the plot against America” by Philip Roth, recommended.

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