Ew david face mask

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And what part of responsible are you for trying to undermine the administration of Donald Trump? Ew david face mask. Even up until the last month you were in the White House with Barry Soetoro. If you want my vote: tell us how you are going to fix the pandemic. The rump? That is water under the bridge. Want to know how to get support from Bernie supporters? Talk about universal health care, prove you support social security. Talk about keeping people from living pay check to pay check. You simply are not the only choice so long as I can (with my n95 mask) go vote (in my gloves) and write in Bernie’s name. I am hoping for so much more from you than this.

Ew david face mask

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All I know is how to do is destroy everything he can and now he’s doing it with a vengeance. He is a sad sick mentally delusional existence of a human being. They need to give my psych evaluation and about 25 polygraphs. We need a true integral leader with intelligence. What we have now is a playground bully. Ew david face mask. The name calling, insults, scams, lies, not following expert advice, and so much unnecessary confusion and division has all been a waste of time for the citizens of the U.S.A. He’s dysfunctional and other countries are laughing at us. We have ruined our reputation and our standard as being a role model for other countries. I am ashamed and embarrassed by the actions of the current supposed to be leader of our country. He actions and behavior are disgraceful and immature. Anyone who leads a country should not be on twitter with insults, jabs, or threats like a millennial or adolescent would behave on a social media account.

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