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I wouldn’t have a problem with dating a man that likes or has cats. Ew covid face mask. I love cats.

Ew covid face mask

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I love dogs as well. As long as they are loved and well cared for doesn’t matter to me. I think dating a man with a cat is very different than dating a man whose paid to have professional photos of them and their cat taken. But hell- if he treats it well and loves it, that’s a beautiful thing. Well, if they’re having portraits taken with them then, yeah, probably. Other than that we love men that love cats! I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two and a half years. Ew covid face mask. He had two dogs and a cat when we met and he has plenty of interest in me. Go Troll somewhere else. You’re hilarious. Did you come up with that allll by yourself?! How long did it take you to squeeze that out of your soft skull?! You should definitely take that little gem into the stand up comedy circuit. M S Korim Soddir wow scaming agin bro? Everyone knows y’alls game. Nobody is going to give you there money. How many times do you think everyone sees this message? All the time dude. Your jig is up. Stop stealing from people. Worthless. I have a cat. Her name is Perkins and I love her very much. Plus she comes when I whistle and that’s pretty cool. Oh shut up! If a man doesn’t like cats that’s a red flag to me. I’ve met too many who don’t and they clearly had other issues.

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