Carolina panthers face mask

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People really should never have said anybody but Trump because now we have the choice between Trump and a guy who is suddenly pledging to make policy changes to undo things he voted for for 40 years?
I don’t believe his sham and I think that him setting up committees with Bernie is all a bunch of hand waving to try to get people to vote for the DNC’s corporatist shill of a candidate. Carolina panthers face mask. Why why why couldn’t they at least try to fraudulently steal Bernie’s spot with their (statistically proven by exit polls) rigged primary with a candidate that at least didn’t already have a horrible voting record and maybe has at least half a set of reasonable morals

Carolina panthers face mask

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face mask – detail

I finally admit that I was wrong to support Bernie Sanders in the past two elections. He had his chance to run as an independent, but chose to Inspire and invigorate The tired Democrats, only to bow down to the industry “picks.” Both sides have been corrupted, and I will not be voting for either party in the next election. Carolina panthers face mask. Been voting blue no matter who for 40 YEARS. When are they going to start throwing the obscenely greedy and rich donor class under the bus and restore the middle class so we can get back to the America in which I and my cousins came of age? Tired of voting for them, then they gave my whole profession away to corporate business barnacles who HAD been supporting the GOP for over a century. Now I cannot even GET health care much less afford it for my own deteriorating disabling genetic disorder b/c no way is a very rich specialist and/or surgeon going to even see me if doing expensive procedures is off the table since I don’t have the money to pay him

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