Face mask good trouble

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That you even have to say this is amazing. Face mask good trouble. But here we are in 2020 with Trump having wrecked the country much like he did to his businesses that filed for bankruptcy. We need you in office. We need you to lead and heal this country. Less than 100 days, thank goodness. Joe hope you don’t loose your notes ,your going to need more than that when you get on stage with trump

Face mask good trouble

Good trouble face mask 2
face mask 2
Good trouble face mask 3
face mask 3

I think Karen Bass would be a great choice for VP. Susan Rice, too much Benghazi baggage. Trump campaign would rip her to shreds. Look what they did to Hillary. Kamala Harris, she is better off in the Senate. I don;t like how she ran her campaign. Our VP must be composed and above politics. Face mask good trouble. Warren too far to the left. It makes me so sad that Joe is the best the the Dems have. Pathetic. Would it have killed the DNC to back a viable and competent candidate? There were options. I can’t wait till you to go through all this trouble trying to get people to run in person to face so they didn’t do try to talk your way to give people free stuff I’m going to laugh so much when you lose this election wearing a mask is not a requirement you can’t make I have free will I have rights and if you try to take them from me just like any American we won’t let you destroy our country and make people afraid of it this evening that most people survive

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